Monster Parking Terms and Conditions of Service

  • The use of the parking lot is at all times subject to the terms and conditions of use which are reproduced in the acceptance of the contract and are reflected on our website www.monsterparking.es.
  • The vehicles are deposited at the Company’s facilities always at the Client’s risk and expense. In the event of a claim, the Company has a Civil Liability Insurance to cover what is legally entitled to it.
  • The Client is obliged to leave the keys with the Company.
  • None of The Company’s employees or agents are subject to personal or individual liability for any accident, loss or damage caused to persons, vehicles, accessories or contents. All objects left inside the vehicle will be under the sole responsibility of the Client.
  • Vehicles that are not claimed within three months following the expiration of the contract may be placed at the disposal of the competent authorities in order to defray the expenses incurred or incurred.
  • The Client accepts and authorizes the Company’s personnel to move their vehicles within its facilities for the performance of the contracted services, vehicle washing, tire checks or battery maintenance, contracted mechanical services, etc., as well as the necessary movements for the execution of those other services that require it.
  • The use of protective covers is the sole and exclusive responsibility of the Customer, who must install them and ensure that they are correctly fastened.
  • The Client must provide the Company with information regarding the movements of his vehicle at least 48 hours in advance and ALWAYS via e-mail to monsterparking@faircarrent.com.
  • The authorization to a third party for the removal of the vehicle from our facilities must ALWAYS be made by the contract holder with a signed authorization in his own handwriting together with a copy of the holder’s D.N.I. or N.I.E. and under no circumstances by any other person.
  • The deposit of a vehicle in our facilities shall be considered as an unreserved acceptance of these conditions.
  • These terms and conditions constitute the entire agreement between The Client and The Company with respect to the provision of the contracted services.
  • When you make a reservation in the System, your data will be registered as a user under the Data Protection Act in the same, thus including you in our customer database for internal management of the parking. We also guarantee that your data will never be given or sold to any entity outside Monster Parking.
  • Annual contracts include 12 to a maximum of 12 pick-ups and drop-offs from and to the airport. Disconnecting the battery, attaching the cover and washing the car are NOT included in the annual fee of 300€. The contract is NOT automatically renewed. Each contract extension must be accepted by Monster Parking. For cars WITHOUT a contract, we charge an additional 2€ per day.

Parking Law
Obligations of the holder of the Parking Lot

According to the Law Regulating the Vehicle Parking Contract (Law 40/2022, of November 14) the owner of the parking lot must respond to the damages suffered by the vehicle or the user, except for damages made by third parties (other customers), to his car or its contents in the following cases:

  • Personal damages due to poor condition or poor maintenance of the facilities. Damage to the vehicle due to landslides, flooding due to burst pipes, etc., but NOT damage to the vehicle due to the characteristics of uncovered parking caused by the force of nature or other meteorological damage. Damage due to theft of the vehicle will not be covered either: breakage of windows, disappearance of the vehicle itself, etc… In the case of damage due to theft, the following will be covered excluded all those vehicle accessories that do not form a fixed or inseparable part of the vehicle. Any damage, with the exception of damage caused by persons or claims of any kind, will only be dealt with as long as they are reported within our parking lot.
  • Complaint forms are available upon request.

User Obligations
  • The Client must remove objects and accessories that are not fixed, such as the radio, documentation or cell phone. The Company is not responsible for loss or breakage of the covers that cover the car, nor is it obliged to place them. It is mandatory to present the ticket or receipt for the collection of the vehicle. In case of not presenting it, the ownership of the vehicle must be proved and the Company is not responsible for the use of fraudulent documentation and subsequent theft of the vehicle. For its part, the Company shall deliver a Proof of the contracting of the parking service with the following data: Day and time of entry, when it is determinant for the fixing of the price, identification of the vehicle and driver.
  • The user shall be liable to the employer and other users, for damages caused by breach of duty, carelessness in driving the vehicle within the premises, or opening doors with other cars nearby. The parking user must arrive at our facilities at least 1 hour and 30 minutes before the check-in time. We are not responsible for your missed flight under any circumstances.
  • The Customer may share space with other customers on their transfer/pick-up to/from the airport. The parking user is responsible for locating the meeting point and knowing how to return to it for pick-up.
Rights of the parking lot owner
  • The owner of the parking lot shall have, against any person, a lien on the vehicle as security for the payment of the parking fee for non-payment of the same. Our rates include V.A.T.
  • The Company shall have the right to change its rates without prior notice. The Company and its employees shall have the right to move their vehicle for the proper use of the parking spaces or any need thereof.
  • In annual contracts The Company will never refund any amount for the months that are not consumed by the Customer during the contract. The owner of the parking lot may use the procedure provided for in Article 71 of the articulated text of the Traffic Law, when a vehicle remains parked continuously in the same parking place for a period of time exceeding 6 months in a way that its abandonment is rationally presumed, or that make it presumed the lack of interest of the owner in its use.
  • The Company will NEVER be responsible for any problems with your car starting due to mechanical failure, window or power window failure, tire punctures or lack of maintenance or battery charging. He undertakes to help as much as possible, but does not commit himself to any other responsibility, nor will he be able to claim anything for it.
  • The Company will not be responsible for the loss of any detachable part of the vehicle: plastics, exhaust tails, mirrors, etc…
  • The company reserves the right to reject a vehicle, in spite of having a reservation, when due to its poor condition or size it considers that it may cause a possible future problem. Large cars or vans (over 5 meters) will pay 20% more. You will be advised of this possible extra charge upon receipt of the vehicle, without prior notice. Caravans will pay an increase of 65% over the parking rate.
  • The Customer has a margin of 1 hour to check in and check out in the parking lot, being this time enough, if it takes longer than this we will have full right to cancel your reservation. The price will be increased by 10 € for each additional hour inside the parking lot. If this is during opening hours, the price will be increased by an additional €4 per hour for any expenses that may arise.
  • Complete parking law:
    Law 40/2002, of November 14, 2002, regulating vehicle parking contracts.